Kitten and Cat Adoption

I have attached an application at the end of this that you will need to fill out and return through email or you are welcome just to take a smartphone photo of the filled out application and text it back to me if you do not have a scanner. My number to my cell is 970 903-1414.

I also have a contract. This is not something I send out unless I agree to work with you. However once I send it to you, you will have the name of your Sire and your Queen and any other needed information when it is time to fill this out. I take the responsibility of cat ownership very serious. This is a lifetime commitment. NO DECLAWING! No dropping off at a shelter because they are old or you have a new baby coming — think long and hard before you adopt a cat/kitten. You absolutely must return a cat to me if you are giving up your cat. Hopefully you will never have such life circumstances that such a need of desperation arises, but if it does I take this responsibility of making sure this cat NEVER ends up in a shelter and you will sign a contract to this. This is a family member you are adding to your home and life and they need to be cared for for their entire life just like you would your own child. 

Also, you can check out my Pinterest Board with lots of my Aby’s and a few of the rescues I have taken in and helped place into homes: Northwoods Aby Pictures

As for our price; I charge $1000 for Ruddy, Red, or Blue pet kittens. If you take a set of kittens then the set of kittens is $1900.00 for any color as I feel sending litter-mates is special regardless of color. This price  includes your Spay/Neuter, all 3 sets of the core Vaccine series set of the FVRCP Vaccines (three deadly airborne Feline Viruses: Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia) at 6, 9, 12 months, 2 sets of C Felis (Pneumonitis Chlamydophila Felis – an unusual bacterium that must live and multiply inside the body cells of the cat; it can cause eye inflammation, discharge, and respiratory signs that can be fatal. 9, and 12 months), Rabies Vaccine (given at time of Spay/Neuter), (however, you will need to get the FeLV/FIV vaccine if you choose at 18 weeks – I do recommend you get this), the full wormings series 6, 8, and 10 weeks, Advantage II each month while here from 6 weeks on and Revolution Rx the day before they leave to come to you. FeLV/FIV blood test, a 2 year genetic and health guarantee, 1 month supply of dry food, 12 days of wet food, 1 month of Immune Booster Supplement (highly important when leaving home), grooming kit, health record, blue registration slip,  kitten package, they come scratch post trained (I will teach you how to keep this up), litter trained, and I am willing to start harness training with an Aby vest if you would like so they can go on walks (please make sure they have their FeLV/FIV vaccine before you take them out).

They are raised with large dogs and rambunctious human children and we call them First Responders since they run to the action and not away from it. I guarantee all my kittens to be social, outgoing, and involved. I am happy to give references as well. I have many people that come back for a second Aby because the first is the best Aby they have ever had. My Aby kittens are never caged except after surgery. They are raised with us as part of the family and are super helpers. They are little dogs in cat suits! 

As you can see this is very expensive hobby and if all goes well we might make about $100 per kitten to put back into the cattery if there are no complications. So we ask that you please understand our pricing. We keep the kittens for a minimum of 12-13 weeks so they can be spayed or neutered. They MUST be at least 2.5 lbs before they may come home. They will still be kittens and will still be very very fun but will be naturally weaned and play appropriately without scratching hard or biting hard to their human family members. They have learned family etiquette by staying with their litter-mates until this age.

They are fed a raw homemade diet (with TCFeline added) as well as a dry grain free food for nibbling on in-between meals. They will come eating both. We give you some other options in our new kitten letter too which I send out to all people on our wait list. Feeding them can be expensive but well worth it if you want a nice coat and a happy and healthy long living cat!

I will also add a HomeAgain Microchip for $30. This is about $20 less than what your Vet will charge you.

I try to match personalities with people. I like to do a home visit for those who live within 80 miles to help match you up or spend some good time on the phone talking if you live farther so I can match the right personalities with the right kitten. A home visit is required unless you live outside the 80 miles. Regardless we will eventually have to meet face to face because I require that.

Also all my breeders are PKDef and PRA neg so that means all our kittens are free and clear of these genetic mutations. I don’t allow breeders into my program that carry those mutations. You are welcome to view my testing documentation.

As soon as I get back your application I will put you on my wait list as long as everything is in order – we will likely have a chat as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I charge about the same as any reputable breeder in the area. The health and socialization of your kitten is my number one priority. 

I do not take deposits until kittens are 2 weeks old. You are put on a wait list and after the kitten is 2 weeks old I will ask for $100 non refundable deposit that will be applied to your final payment.

Thanks for contacting Northwoods Aby out of North Bend, WA.